3-Wick/Wood Centering Tool (For 50cl Candles)

3-Wick/Wood Centering Tool (For 50cl Candles)

New Design Wick/Wood Wick Centering Tool

(Base & One Insert Included)


Now with Integrated Inserts so the device can be interchangeable with Wick & Wood (max size woodwick 1.16mm x 19.05mm) Using standard size woodwick sustainers (will not fit triangle shape sustainers)


We can bespoke Wood-wick insert for different types of sustainers by sending in your sustainer to us, no extra charge, email us for address details and quote ‘bespoke insert’ in comments at checkout


CHOOSE INSERT TYPE - Wick or Woodwick



To all fellow Candle makers! This nifty device to help centre wicks and wood wicks when templates are no good, I know I struggled and this has made my life so much easier

Homemade with Solid Aluminium . Place the base on top of your container, use your Wick with your stuckum/ hot glue / sustainer through the hole or slit and then place the insert into the base, press down to hold wick in place and lift out the insert. Container centred.


Fits 50cl candles (top diameter 125mm) Made to Order - (Dispatch 1-2 weeks)

Lucy/Karen Glass 30 & 20cl are also available

9cl Made to Order (1-2 weeks)


Can bespoke other sizes at same price, please send us the container and email us below for the address or any further assistance info@hellsbellshomemadecandles.co.uk